About Us

We are a Tauranga, New Zealand based LEGO crazy family business who supply new LEGO at below retail prices. We've been trading on TradeMe™ for over 12 years, with 100% positive feedback and thousands of happy customers. We also make regular appearances at LEGO events. We started out dealing in used LEGO sets in 2004, however we now mostly import new products.

We value having great friendly service, as well as knowledge and passion about our products! We also pride ourselves on our below retail prices. We love seeing LEGO used to inspire creativity through a fun, safe medium, and particular enjoy seeing LEGO used in education settings. We're committed to giving schools the tools they need to teach and inspire, and do our best to help by offering competitive bulk discounts on Education products. We also offer bulk discounts for schools and organisations looking to start LEGO libraries and walls.

We have a large city display at our address which can be viewed by appointment. 

We're able to source most new sets and usually have a few shipments at sea, so if you have a query about prices or anything LEGO please don't hesitate to contact us at contact@hiskidsbricks.co.nz or on 07 575 7871.

We look forward to hearing from you! ​

Samuel, Tracy-Jayne and Simon